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ImageClassifieds are as popular and as old as newspapers themselves. Every newspaper has a page dedicated to classifieds or brief descriptive advertisements that are categorized and placed systematically on the page. Most classifieds are just plain texts consisting of brief descriptions. They can either be about products on sales, or recruitment calls or advertisements promoting services. Traditionally, a newspaper would charge the advertiser per word for Classified Ads sydney. Newspapers commanded great readership in the past, and therefore it was an ideal method to reach out to most people in Sydney.

But since the rise of internet technology and the easy availability of internet on different mediums like phones, tablets and laptops, more and more readers are making the shift from reading newspapers to reading websites. With the decline in the readership of newspapers, even newspaper classifieds are proving to be less effective. Therefore, there is a shift towards online classifieds Sydney.

Apart from these, there are other reasons why advertisers are opting for online classifieds:

•    Inclusion of graphics: A newspaper usually wouldn’t allow advertisers to post pictures of the product on sale. A picture speaks a thousand words and can really help advertiser sell hi product faster. Online classifieds allow users to post pictures which ensure quicker response from readers
•    Faster method: Newspapers have a booking system for advertisements, wherein you need to pay them in advance. On the Internet, you don’t have any such time crunches. You can place your ad whenever you feel so.
•    Better reach: A newspaper edition is circulated in a particular region. But an online classified can be seen by far more people not just in your area or city but also in your country. Also, newspapers are read just once and then forgotten. But an Internet classified stays online 24 hours thus reaching a much wider audience.
•    Lower costs: Newspapers still tend to charge high prices for classifieds and opting for online classifieds is much more economical to say the least.
•    Increased web traffic: Online classifieds can provide the reader with a direct hyperlink to the advertisers website. Thus the advertiser can enjoy increased web traffic on his or her website too.